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Our kennel and our Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog "ImanJohn" are mentioned in the books below. These books are a great reference for different dog breeds and two of the few books that mention the rare Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog breed.

From: Karen N.


date: Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 1:32 PM
subject: Farm Animals

Hi All!

We named the pup Emma.  She is great and everyday she does better.  She's getting to where she wants to stay out with the animals during the day and goes from pen to pen and takes naps along the fences. She goes with us whenever we are out there and is learning to be gentle and what each type of animal's boundaries are.  She is strangely interested in the pigs and sometimes I get scared they'll bite, eventhough they are friendly.  I tell her not to get so close.  Then I was busy and looked and she had her head inside the wire and was licking one pig's face.  Hopefully they are well fed and never hungry so won't try to eat her head but I am working hard to teach her not to stick her head in their pen.  She is very loving beyond belief and a very happy little one and all our animals are accepting her nicely even the house rabbit.  She shares her front yard with the 3 turkeys and other than sneak their food all is well.  I've added some crushed chili pepper to it and she has been leaving it alone.  The pedals on my stationary bike got a little ragged on the edges but some habanero tabasco fixed that immediately. She's not nearly as destructive as puppies can be and we have no complaints.  She does not seem to be a one person dog at all and adores and minds everyone the same.  I got some Panacur because she is curious and likes to taste weird things.  She has an active period in the afternoon when she races around as fast as she can run for a long time and also she has a small pool and loves to play in water.  She goes totally under water in the duck pool.

The picture below is not a real good picture, because Emma got up when she heard me coming and her concentration broke.  I wish you could have seen how well she did this morning.  After doing the chores with Mark and on her own checking the herd of goats, 3 different areas and ages of chickens and the pigs, we let the sheep out while we cleaned their pen.  They moved around the field and grazed and stopped to enjoy the shade of the different trees here and there.  Emma goes with them and when they stop to rest she lays down a few feet away and dozes. Then when they move, she goes with them.  This is not the first time she has done this, and it is getting better as her confidence grows.  One of the ewes, who has 2 wether boys in this flock, was edgy and still is a bit. But today, she was reaching her nose to Emma within about a foot, not touching yet, and she would stamp if Emma got closer but it is the beginning of her acceptance.  Both of her sons were next to her and one of them came out and almost touched noses with Emma.  She stayed very still and composed while they smelled her.  Emma is still only 3 1/2 months old and has only been here a few weeks so we are pleased to see her natural interest in her farm work.

You can use anything I send in your website.  As she progresses I'll send updates and better pictures.  The first time we spent with this pup she showed strong signs of aptitude for caring as well as choosing to be with the people more than the other pups.  Still it takes lots of guidance to get her going on the right path and we couldn't have just turned her loose with the livestock.  It's so important to work with her phases of energy when she wants to play with them but so far she has been remarkable and willing.  Like a little kid she will squirm sometimes when I ask her to be still but she does do it. So everytime we work it gets better and I can trust her more.  I'm asking a lot of her - to be gentle with 4 weeks old chicks flapping around her and a 3 lbs. blind deaf old poodle who can't stick up for herself anymore.  So when the vet was here the other day and reached for the poodle to pick her up and it looked like he was grabbing and Emma gave a very soft growl and got between.  We told her it was okay and she as on the vet's lap with her "I'm sorry" face lick/belly rub mode but it was the first actual protective move we've seen.  We've had to be strict with her playfulness because she likes to sit on the poor old poodle to hold her down and I didn't know she cared about the poodle like that.

Thanks again for everything. 

Karen & Mark & Emma and the farm



from Karen N.
to dogs 88 <>
date Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 2:01 PM
subject Emma story


Emma did something wonderful last night.  Sometimes we have wondered how she will notice something outside happening since she spends her evenings upside down snoring on her mattress in the house.  Last night she started barking wildly and ran out when I opened the door.  It was dark so I grabbed a flashlight and ran after her.  She was at the inner yard gate barking urgently and flew out like a bat out of hell when I opened it and ran out into the field faster than I ever saw her run.  I turned on all the floodlights and saw the 2 hogs had lifted their gate off the hinges and were out loose having a wonderful time exploring.  Mark and I were wondering how to get them back into their pen then saw Emma was leading them right back to it.  Everyday when she plays chase with them and sticks her head through the fence right in between them when they are eating and snapping and shoving at each other dodging their bites she has been making friends and it was so funny how they followed her gently and peacefully.  They are probably each 300 lbs. now.  So when you think about how the original southern plantation dog worked with hogs think of Emma!  This is one heck of a farm dog.  Wish you could have seen it.  We are so proud and pleased with her.  She heard that across the 3 acre property from inside the house with a tv on.  She also watched us deliver 2 baby lambs yesterday, was respectful of the mother's space and has been working on her friendship with the new little ones very quietly.  She is just over a year and still not fully used to her strength.  She was 66.5 lbs. last week.



From: Lily P. 

To: Alapaha Connection Kennels <>

Date: Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 8:47 PM
Subject: Recommendation Letter

This is for all future Alapaha owners: 

If you are looking for a Bulldog, regardless of where you are in the country, look no further than an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog from Alapaha Connection Kennels.
Channa and Jesse who own and run the facility are amazing people who really care for their animals.  We purchased a pup from them in early October from a littler born on 9/28/10 and were given unrestricted access to visit our pup before taking him home when he turned 8 weeks.  Jesse was very helpful answering all of our questions about the breed and about their kennel and Channa never let a day go without one of my emails being unanswered.  Knowing that they have 3 little children around their dogs constantly, shows that the dogs are loved and trusted in their hands (and a 3 year health guarantee to boot!).
We’ve had our pup home for 3 weeks now, we’ve named him Bear, he’s growing like a beast!  Channa has continued to followed up to make sure that he’s adjusting to life with us well and we’re having a good time keeping up with their new litters on their website.  Since we’ve interacted with their dogs so much we feel like we know them all!
We’ve started a blog on Bear – – hopefully it will help to spread the word about this amazing rare breed.
Thank you Channa & Jesse!
Lily, Dallas & Bear

Hi Channa & Jesse,
I just wanted to send you guys some pictures of Bear, we moved him up to Idaho back in May.  This is his first winter there and he loves the snow.  He spends lots of time eating it and rolling around in ii.
You can see him in one of the pictures with his step-brother Conan.  It's crazy seeing the two of them play because when they wrestle it's nearly 300 pounds of dog bouncing around, you really can't be near them or you'll get knocked into but it's a joy to watch.   They have 10 fenceless acres in the woods as well as the Idaho National Forest right behind the property, so you can see he roams free with the world to himself barking at moose and hunting for little critters.
We continue with his training especially out in the woods, he is still so very independent and stubborn (I swear he took after my personality), nothing cracks me up more than screaming his commands in the forest "come touch (the back of my hand)" and seeing him come charging from who-knows-where deep in the woods happy to be running as fast as his legs can go.
Hope you all are well!

Take care!
- Lily, Dallas & Bear


4:55 AM 8/14/2013

Just sending an update on our sweet Moses. WE ARE IN LOVE! What a smart boy!

We have had him less than a week and he has settled in well. We have not had a poop accident since the first day!  He is doing very well with his crate training and is walking on a leash quite well too. He has discovered the stairs and tackles them daily.

He will sit for a treat and for us to put his leash on and is responding well to the "leave it" command.:)

We have a golf course behind our townhouse and he has enjoyed having free run and play time with 3 new dachshund friends from the neighborhood. He has discovered the sandpit and is fascinated with how the sand moves under his feet.

His favorite new toy is an empty 2 liter soda bottle. So funny!

Moses is growing like a weed. This week we are focusing on curbing his biting and chewing.

Thanks for all the work you do to make these pups so terrific.

Will update from time to time to show you how he is doing.

Tina and Ed


Hello.  Dozer is doing great.  When he is 16 weeks old we will be starting obedience school.  He is very smart and lovable. He is growing so fast.                    Take care.  Mary


Hi. In honor of her 1st birthday I wanted to send you a photo of a dog I got from you last October (she was listed as having fern eyes and was the last female out of Kyber and Busters litter). I think she looks a bit like her grandpa :) She's good with other dogs. Rather submissive actually.  She LOVES kids!

I can see why people get addicted to this breed :) but next time I'll get a male! Lol. 

Hope you are well.


September 14, 2013:

A quick update on Moses!

Moses is 14 weeks old today! 

Here are some pictures of his first boat outing, and swimming experience. HE LOVED IT!
We were surprised how quickly he got in the water and how calm he was on the boat. 
No anxiety whatsoever! He spent the whole day on the lake with us.
Ed is trying to teach him to climb the boat ladder to get himself out of the water.
It won't be long before we won't be able to lift him anymore.
He weighed 24 pounds at the Vet yesterday! Ha!

He thinks he is a lap dog, as you can see from the picture in the boat with his big sister! :)
He loves to snuggle and sleep on you, but falls off our laps because he is getting so big.

He is doing well with the "sit" command, "down" command, and "shake" command.
He will sit and wait for us to say okay before he goes to his food bowl. 
We are very pleased with how smart he is.

He can be quite stubborn at times so we are working hard on the "come" command, but we are learning what makes him tick. He is beginning to really enjoy his walks. It took a while to get him used to the traffic near our home. He didn't want to leave the comfort of our yard, but now he is enjoying exploring. 

Moses has what we call a "witching hour" around 7pm each evening. He tears around the house like the Tazmanian Devil and it is hilarious! I am a 1st grade teacher so I just say he is trying to get his wiggles out before bedtime.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Will send more when we can!

Tina & Ed
Raleigh, NC

Len B - 12/6/2016


Channa & Jesse,

Here are some more showing his growth.  He was about 8 lbs when we got him and he is probably 80-85 now.  Great dog, still learning to walk on a leash (he pulls sometimes and is strong) but getting better.  Thanks again and let me know if you put any on the website.  We are biased but beautiful dog.

From: "John T."
To: "Alapaha Connection Kennels" <>
Subject: Merry Christmas
Date: Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 09:52:49 -0500


You probably don't see this much in SD, but Missie is having a blast in our 12-14" of snow. Burrowing into, jumping over, or plowing through it, she just loves it. She's about 35-40 lbs and gives our larger Weimaraner a run for his money. She's chatty and loves to nap on the couch with us. Yes, we spoil her a bit.

I hope you and Jesse have a Merry Christmas holiday.


From: "Kevin M."
To: "Alapaha Connection Kennels" <>
Subject: Reference Letter
Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 12:37 PM

To future dog owners,

I have recently purchased a puppy, Jersey, from the Kelly's. She is from Bubbles and Ziggy. She is my second dog from Alapaha Connection Kennels. Dakota, son of ImanJohn, was my first dog that I purchased. He is three years old and he is very intelligent, friendly, and understands the difference between playing with a puppy and playing with other dogs that are his own size at the doggie beach. I have taught him tricks from sitting pretty, to fetching the newspaper on the driveway. Dakota has been the joy of our life for three years. With the addition of Jersey, Dakota is VERY happy. Formost, I would like to thank the Kelly's for their professionalism, honesty about the breed, and the care and love they have for the puppies. It is a perfect ten out of ten for me. I have researched alot of websites about the Alapaha's, and the Kelly's recieve five stars from me. Included are some pictures of Jersey and Dakota. Thank you once again.

Kevin M.

Subject: HI Jesse and Channa!
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 16:42:53 -0800
From: "Sarah B."

HI Jesse and Channa,

i was looking at the new puppies on the website and had to send a picture of Lucy , she is a female from your May 9th litter (last May)...she is the best dog ever, my boyfriend Jeff and I couldn't be happier with her! Just the other day we ran into "Rocky" (the one on your website under references) at the beach in San Francisco. It really is a small world.

Anyways, we cant thank you enough for Lucy!!!! Hope all is well.

P.S. somebody needs to buy "Snoopy". She's our favorite!!


I would highly recommend Connection Kennels. Jesse and Channa have been very helpful with any questions or information we needed regarding the Alapaha breed. They truly love their animals and are wonderful people.

Jesse and Channa,

I want to thank you so much for such a wonderful girl. She is perfect in everyway. Rajun is smart, funny and is protective of the family. She is a good friend to my daughter, grandchildren and also to Belle and our Cat. She loves jumping on the trampoline with my daughter and anyone else who wants to play. I would say, the Alapaha is the perfect family member.

Thank you again,

To All Future Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Parents:

We are the proud parents of a strikingly beautiful 8 month old male Alapaha named Navarro. After two years of thoroughly researching the breed and searching for breeders we finally found Jesse & Channa. They are the nicest & most caring people we have ever found that give so much of their time and love for their dogs. They are the only breeders out there that really know and respect the breed. If you are buying an Alapaha from them, you are getting the real deal!

If you are not familiar with Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs, they are in our opinion, the most perfect dog! They are smart, athletic, playful and easy to train. Navarro was completely house broken and walked on a leash at 8 weeks. We have 4 other dogs and he gets along with all of them and acts like he is their father even though he is the youngest. He became an excellent guard dog at the age of 5 months without any training. Once you introduce him to someone, he remembers them forever and does not bark when he sees them again.

Navarro is very healthy and happy in his new home and we are very blessed to have him!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

Ron & Anne Andrews

From : Hiedeh
Sent : Friday, August 25, 2006 2:37 AM
To :
Subject : Rocky

Hi there -

Just a quick note to tell you how delighted we are with our pup Rocky!!

He couldn't be a better dog - calm, even keeled, undemanding, a GOOD boy, and with excellent natural instincts.

We were up in Napa this past weekend. Our 12 year old thought he heard the sprinkler system go off and went to check it out. Only it was a three foot rattle snake just 4 ft away. Luckily Rocky saw it first, got between boy and snake and growled a terrible warning growl. Harrison looked to see what had upset the dog - and phew - walked away.

Hope you're all well - it's that exciting back to school time of year!


From: "Pam R."
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 23:10:55 -0700

Hi Channa and Jesse,

I was just looking at your website and saw the new puppies. I thought I would let you know how happy we are with our puppy. We are the owners of “snoopy”, a female from Spooky’s December 2006 litter. We named her Augie and she is the most wonderful dog we have ever had – sweet tempered, smart, affectionate, playful, funny and yet quietly protective. She loves people (especially the kids next door) and other animals. She is a fast learner and recently graduated from puppy school – a must given her size and strength. She is also a genuinely beautiful animal. I’ve enclosed a picture so that you can see how beautiful she has grown.

We live in San Francisco and you will recall that I was cautious about how such a large dog that would adapt to City life – well she is perfect! She loves everyone and everything and is always getting hugs and treats from the store owners in our neighborhood. My husband likes having a “real” dog and she is my 55 lb lap dog! She’s five ½ months old now and doing great.

Best of luck with the puppies - we’ll be checking the website to watch them grow,

Pam R.

From: "Gayle D."
To: "Alapaha Connection Kennels" <>
Subject: The story
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 22:30:11 -0600 little guardian. I was sitting at home this one evening watching TV, everything was quiet or so I thought. I heard this voice calling..." help me, somebody help me". I didn't think anything about it at first, the dogs were both sleeping on the couch beside me. I heard it again... someone was outside. I live in the country, and that is unusual, especially at midnight. So I put the dogs on their leashes, I have a pitbull and and Alapaha, they need to be leashed. Also, I have only had Belle for about a month, Jorge is 3 1/2 yrs old and I know him like the back of my hand.

I opened the door and a woman was standing there, her arms full of something. She told me her boyfriend had beat her up and was looking for her. So the vibes were really strong for the dogs. They picked up on mine of course and now hers. All the while they are both growling and barking. I got her in the house, but the dogs didn't like her, they kept her pinned up against the wall/door. So I just held them back and told her to go into the kitchen and sit down. I couldn't get them to settle down enough for her to go through the porch.

I closed the door on them and joined her. We talked a bit, I was nervous, I now realized that I didn't really have a desireable type person in my house! I knew her and her boyfriend were into the drugs and alcohol and were the bad news type. So I let the dogs back in the kitchen. I had to put the leash back on Belle, she would not let this person move, she would try to flick her cigarrette ash in the ashtray, Belle would growl. She dropped her change purse, Belle wouldn't let her pick it up. She'd growl, warning and not really scarey aggressive like a pitty would. Just matter of factly... "I'm watching you" Meanwhile... what was the pitbull doing? He was following Belle's lead. It blew my mind, my Jorge is very protective and in your face kind at that. But he let her handle it, all he did was circle. Neither one of those dogs would let that woman get near me. Every time she made a move that would put her closer to me, Belle would step in between.

I had a very protective Akita for 13 years, but the Alapaha has impressed me to no end. I can't be happier or feel safer that this dog is in my life. I have not trained nor encouraged any protective or aggressiveness in either Jorge or Belle. I did with the Akita, I had her trained to protect and react on command. There is no need for that with my two dogs thats for sure. Instinct took over. And I might add, it wasn't to bite and rip apart. They seemed to know exactly what to do and how much or little force was needed to control that person. Awesome Breed!

Gayle D.

From: Marco G.
Subject: updated pics
To: "Alapaha Connection Kennels"
Date: Monday, September 15, 2008, 1:57 PM

Hi guys! How are you? We just wanted to send you guys some updated pictures of Shelby. She's doing well. She currently weighs about 35 lbs. and has a great personality. However she does have her puppy moments. For instance, the other day I let her into the house and she lost her mind. She grabbed a pair of my socks and ran around the whole house with them in her mouth. took forever to catch her. She's awesome with other dogs and has shown no signs of aggression. The other day we took next door to meet their dogs and as soon we walked through the gate, she got down really low and let the other dogs smell her. She was submissive and knew that she wasn't in her own yard. She played so much with them that she snored up a storm that night. She's great and we love her alot! Thank you!

How are things over there? Hope you guys are doing well. Write back when you get a chance.

Marco & Rocio.

July 27, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to highly recommend Alapaha Connection Kennels. I am very impressed with the professional service that I received when I purchased my puppy from them. Questions or concerns were promptly answered. I even received updated pictures of the puppy to see how he was progressing during the first 7 weeks. The puppy was safely shipped through Continental Airlines since I live in Connecticut.

My puppy has been very easy to train, and was housebroken within two weeks. He is very friendly, protective, and tolerant. The puppy is great around children, and is good with my cat. He loves to cuddle too. I am really enjoying him.

Alapaha Connection Kennels is an outstanding breeder for the Alapha blue blood bulldog. I am so happy that I have selected to purchase my puppy from this breeder. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the number listed above.


Jennifer W.

August 8, 2006

Dear Future Alapaha Lover,

My fiancée, Jason, and I purchased two Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs from Jesse and Channa Kelly’s Alapaha Connection Kennels this February. We were impressed from the very first phone contact with Jesse. He conducts himself and his kennel with the utmost professionalism. He will not “bad-mouth” other breeders out there, as many do in this rare and interesting circle of dog-lovers. He offers plenty of honest advice and guidance to those seeking knowledge on the breed. One can tell, immediately, that he truly loves these dogs and is interested in helping others to do so also.

Our puppies are now seven months old. They are wonderfully happy, sweet-tempered little (and big) balls of boundless energy. Luna, our female, is 45 pounds and must be the calmest puppy with the most mild, loving disposition I have ever seen! She is happiest to sit with her mommy and daddy, Jason and I, and be loved. Atilla, our male, is 77 pounds and he is the most inquisitive, energetic and eager-to-please “little” man. He is in true puppy bliss when we play fetch, chasing the laser light pointer, or hopping after his Kong. They are very different and equally awesome!!!

As I said, they are inquisitive! They would love to spend time with our cats, but being seniors and used to being “only cats,” they will not give the pups the time of day. Luna loves to play with our friends’ dogs; from swimming to chase. Tilla, on the other hand, is still learning how to play nicely. He seems to be of the opinion HE is the only one who gets to play with his sister! With some loving guidance and consistent training, he is coming along well. We feel certain that it will not be long till he participates and enjoys these puppy play dates too.

These two are a crack-up of a watch dog team. Luna alertly watches and listens to the goings-on of our street. Whenever there is cause for “alarm” she quietly notifies Tilla, with a nearly inaudible bark, that it is time for him to unleash the big barks! Which, of course, he happily does! They are beginning to learn the meaning of house protection is not jumping up to lick visitors with wagging tails, but to remain leery until we give the “okay” command. Then they can greet! We are constantly amazed at how quickly they learn and how excited they are to please us. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to bring these two cuties into our lives! They have been and unending source of joy and constant amusement for us. I honestly cannot see us ever owning another breed of dog as long as we have dogs in our lives!

Very Truly,
Wendy I.

From : randi weir
Sent : Sunday, July 30, 2006 2:38 PM
To : "channa roos kelly" <>
Subject : reference letter

We received our first Alapaha on July 3th. Her name is Belle and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. I am truly impressed with how intelligent she is, a little stubborn but extremely bright and lovable. We have 2 kids our oldest is 5 and our youngest is 2. Belle has really taken to the kids, when they go to bed at night she goes in to say goodnight, when they bath she is right there, although I would have to say that the youngest one is her favourite. We also have other animals a cat and another dog. Belle and Bear [our 2 year old dog] are the best of friends. The cat is still undecided on whether she likes her or not, but Belle doesn't really bother with her a whole lot. There is a lot of barking that goes on whenever someone comes to the door, I would not want to see anybody try to get in, she seems to be very protective of her new family. Jesse and Channa have been amazing. I had a lot of questions regarding the Alapaha's and it was never a problem to give them a call and they would take the time to talk with me, I really appreciate that. I would recommend Alapaha connection Kennels to anyone who is interested in this breed.

Randi and Wayne Weir

Hi Jesse and Channa,

Hope this email finds you and your family doing well..

Thought we'd give you a little update on Koa as well as a few pics of him.  He's been a great addition to our family.  He pretty much goes EVERYWHERE with us.  He seems to have no fears other than the vacuum cleaner, the weed whacker, the lawn mower and swimming.  He, unfortunately, is not overly fond of the water, though he will wade into the river a bit; he's also not a "fetch" kind of doggie.  Going after the ball or frisbee and then laying down to chew it is more his style! 

Koa flew through puppy training and has sit, stay, shake, down, heel and come, pretty much mastered except when there is too much other fun stuff going on around him.  Roll over is just about mastered with a little coaxing.  Koa is NOT food motivated or toy motivated which can make training quite a challenge. 

He has kind of found his bark but rarely uses it, unless really excited while playing with Jordan.  He's only barked a couple of times at the knock at the front door.  He whines when needs to be let out but that's about the only noise he makes.

He's a people and dog lover!  Any new person or puppy/dog that will show attention is the BEST thing in the world.  There's no getting him to listen when at the dog park or out amongst lots of people... at least not yet.  Everyone loves him and says how well behaved he is (though I beg to differ at times).  For his age he does do very well.  Koa gets TONS of compliments on his looks... He is also the first and only Alapaha at our veterinarian whom specializes in bulldogs as well as our local pet boutique, Sbarkles - they want him if I ever had to turn him over (told them to contact you about getting their own!).

Anyway, just a little update.  Hope you had a wonderful summer!

Andrea Young
(and Jordan)

From: Tyler B. 

Subject: Gus wants a sister!
Date: Sunday, February 14, 2010, 10:16 AM


Just wanted to give an update on GUS.  He is an amazing pup. very eager to please, probably the most loyal dog I have ever owned and he is only 6 months! So very happy with my decision with you guys.  Gus absolutley loves other dogs and i would like to get him a companion.  Wondering if you have any advice for me on when is a good age to get another for our family.  with out upsetting gus.    Gus has been fixed so this would be just another pet, not trying to breed.    Saw that Lana was gonna have a litter soon.  keep me posted

   Thanx and happy new year,  

   Tyler B. and GUS

Date:  Mon, 17 May 2010 16:15:10 -0700 [Monday May 17, 2010 16:15 PDT]
From:  Carla H.
To:  Alapaha Connection Kennels <>
Subject:  RE: Nibbles
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Hi Jesse and Channa,

I just wanted to send you a few pics of Nibbles. She is from Faith and
Ziggy's litter. She is absolutely adorable and I love her dearly! She
has the best disposition and makes a great lap dog! She is about 40 lbs
so I better get a bigger lap because she's just 3.5 months! I am sure
you will be seeing us again! I always tell everyone about your place and
how well the dogs are kept and how friendly and clean the atmosphere is!
Anyone would be lucky to have one of your dogs! We recently took her
camping and forgot her Kennel and so she slept in the shower as you can
see from the pic!

Thanks again!

Carla H.


to "" <>
date Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 2:42 PM
subject Candy


Hello Jesse & Channa!

I have been meaning to send you and e-mail for the longest time.  John & I wanted to share with you how much we absolutely LOVE our "Candy" girl!  She has been a wonderful addition to our family!  She is so patient!  As you may remember, we have 2 small children (1 & 4 years old).  Candy is so tolerant of our youngest who pulls her tail, pokes her, lays on top of her.  She doesn't even flinch.  She is our 4 yo best friend.

We brought her home when she was about 4 months old and she will be 1 year in a few weeks.  She is one of the best dogs I've ever owned besides my pitbull I had for many years.  She is so loving and extremely gentle.  Wherever we go with her, people are always saying what a "gentle soul" she is.  She plays very well with other dogs of all sizes, from large shephereds to small jack russells.  She is an absolute love!  I do have to say, many people think she is a pitbull and when I tell them she is an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog they say HUH?  Most people have never heard of the breed but we definatley try to educate people.  I cannot say enough good things about this breed!

On another note, my mom is in love with this breed and wants to get one just like our Candy.  You may be hearing from us soon.

I have attached some recent photos of our "Girl-Girl."

Best regards,

Lora C.



from: Tom S.

date: Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 10:24 PM
subject: Penny testimonial

After researching all types of dog breads, we settled on ABB's because of the way they are with children, their temperament and heritage.  About a year and a half ago we purchased a female bulldog from Chenna and Jesse and named her Penny.  We have 3 young children, at the time the twins were 3 and our oldest was 6,  from day one Penny felt a kinship to the children and was very patient with them, even when she was a puppy.  She especially has a strong connection with our daughter Emma.  Penny is a well tempered  and strong dog.  She can be stubborn at times but in a very funny comical way. 

Very recently, however, one of our boys seemed to have developed a strong allergic reaction most likely attributed to the dog.  At one point we thought we had to give Penny away. When we contacted Jesse, he agreed to take her right away and promised to find a home for her.  Fortunately things are subsiding and knock on wood we took some measures that worked well and we are very happy to keep Penny.  However to receive the treatment that Jesse gave us was very commendable.  My wife and I strongly recommend them, if every breeder was like them we would not have shelters. 

Thank you

from Maci T
date Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 9:06 PM
subject Merry Christmas!! Love, maci, chris, nalla and Bently whoof Cypher

Hi we have not spoken in a while but this is Maci C. we bought a puppy from you in October 2010 just wanted to send some pics of Bentley and thank you for a great puppy he is truly one of the family and is very spoiled!!! Bentley is rules the house and is loved by all of those who come in counter with him. He loves the beach, fiesta island and traveling with us between San Diego and to Napa Valley to visit his grandparents!!! Hope you guys have very happy holidays and we will try to stay intouch!!!

Clifford S

 Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 6:26 PM
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Hey Channa,

Attached is a photo of Danica. She looks just like her mom with the stance and all weighing in at 16lbs already! The pup has already been 100% potty trained as of a week ago. She runs up to the door and either barks or whines to be let out. Takes care of business and then patiently waits to be let back inside. Below is a link to a video of her favorite game of chase the bowl.J


Cliff & Kynni


Maci C.

Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 11:07 PM
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We left San Diego and moved to Santa Rosa Bentley is adjusting to the cold NorCal weather! Chris is heading out for another year in Afghanistan. He was out for five months home two weeks for Xmas and then went to training in Arizona! Bentley is obsessed with my computer and loves skyping with him he often falls asleep on the key board hoping to see his dad! He is a joy and my family adores him and so does his new day care he goes to once a week! Hope all is good on your end!
The C*****s
Ps ill attach pics on the next couple emails