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Channa Kelly
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Our dogs | Pedigrees



Coffeehead has beautiful tan spots on her white coat. She is the daughter of Mack and Marly and a littermate to Wall-E. She is protective and enjoys playing with the children as well. She gets along with the other dogs and likes to swim in our pond and go for hikes with the family. She weighs about 70 pounds.

Coffeehead' pedigree



Cricket is out of Belle and Snapy. Cricket is a very pleasant dog to be around. She is wary of people that she does not know but warms up to them quickly. She has a beautiful solid merle coat. She weighs about 70 pounds. 

Cricket' pedigree




Rajiene' pedigree



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Andy' pedigree



Blu' pedigree



is a well built Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. He is large, impressive, and muscular. Snapy weighs 85 pounds. Snapy is the son of Faith and Ziggy. (Ziggy is Marly's brother from the same litter). Snapy is a gentle giant. His personality makes him my favorite. He is very social, playful, gentle, intelligent and well-mannered. He reminds me of ImanJohn, who is his grandfather. Snapy is protective of our yard, yet he gets along with our rabbits, goats, chickens, cats, and other dogs. Snapy has a deep roaring bark when he sees something that does not belong in our yard.

Snapy' pedigree

Van FurthVan Furth

Van Furth

Van Furth is the son of Bruno and Lana and grandson of ImanJohn. His coat is a beautiful brown merle and he has brown eyes. He has a very nice conformation and always warns us when strangers approach our property. He is an extremely strong and athletic Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. Van Furth is playful and likes to fetch. He takes a special interest in our oldest son and follows him around in the yard. He alerts us to rattlesnakes with a special bark. He weighs about 80 Lbs.

Van Furth' pedigree



In loving memory of ImanJohn

He was truly a royal dog and we are glad that his memory will live on in several books and publications. ImanJohn will also continue to live through his offspring. ImanJohn passed away in December 2007 and he will be missed by our family and friends.

ImanJohn' pedigree