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Alapaha Connection Kennels

Channa Kelly
Alapaha Connection Kennels
San Diego, CA
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Alapaha Connection Kennels was founded in 2005, but I have been breeding dogs since 1987. I bred American Pit bulls for about 15 years, but when I moved to California I found out that the American Pit-bull breed is somewhat of a problem to have.

The Government is imposing too many regulations on the breed. I decided to try the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, because they are also working dogs and they are a rare breed. After receiving my first male pup, ImanJohn, I was very impressed with the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (ABBB) breed and decided to get more involved with breeding the Alapaha Bulldogs to maintain the original standard of the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Breed.

Our opinion is that responsible breeders and owners should have some idea and knowledge, as to what combinations produce the best in performance and quality, and continue to strive to improve upon their stock, through informed breeding. Informed breeding consists of having a five-generation pedigree on all Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs in our yard and knowing about the breed and the original standard Lana Lou Lane developed.
We choose to breed for working abilities, performance, temperament, and conformation. We have no concern for coloration, although many times we may predict, with some certainty, the turnouts of certain breeding, based upon a basic understanding of genetics.
In our foundation stock, we have chosen to concentrate on such dogs as ImanJohn and Bubbles, and Faith.
Using our pedigree program and many hours of research, we are able to trace majority of our dogs ancestries back to Lana Lou Lane's stock.
Knowing WHERE you are gaining traits from (both positive and negative), and where the foundation of your gene pool was formed, is in our opinion, essential to producing solid dogs consistently. Other breeders or yards may differ in their philosophy..., as is their right... That does not make them wrong, or make us correct. Having said this, we are experiencing some success with these methods.

To view our dogs that we use for our breeding program, just click the "Our Dogs" button. Our puppies are raised with the family and are surrounded by three small children, and our cat on a daily basis. Therefore, they are used to interacting with children and other animals. They will only bark and protect when they encounter strangers and/or unfamiliar animals. We are a small kennel, and have a California Sellers Permit.

We are a licensed kennel (Certificate Number: 200703051 ), which means that we are registred with the County of San Diego and that Animal Control inspects our kennel every half year and/or randomly, to make sure that our facilities and Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are in good condition. There may be individuals who sell Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog puppies/dogs and say that they originated from our kennel and sell their puppies for lower prices.  These individuals may not be licensed breeders and therefore are not covered under the same regulations as our kennel.  This in itself can create complications with breeding, health of the pups and the breed, and sanitary conditions of a kennel.  We have received complaints from people who have bought pups from other "breeders" that include, but are not limited to: 1.) not receiving paperwork for the pup, even after a considerate amount of time has passed, 2.) illnesses that could have been prevented and most likely are the result of irresponsible breeding practices and/or insanitary conditions, 3.) no health contract, 4.) pups not receiving proper vet care before leaving the kennel, 5.)health contract in place, but not honoring the contract, 6.) Inability to reach the breeder after the pup has been purchased (often due to the fact that the breeder is no longer breeding, because they tried one litter and decided it was too much work), 7.) Agressive toward other animals in the house and/or people. Please be mindful of where you purchase your puppy and do your research to make sure they are reputable breeders. 


We do not accept animal cruelty and do not knowingly sell our dogs for illegal purposes.